Blackpool Caters for Those Seeking 2021 Laughter

They say that laughter is the best medicine, don’t they? After all we have been through in 2020, we are sure 2021 will be a year in which many of us wish to go in search of laughter and reasons to smile once again.  If that’s you, please note that our Blackpool North Promenade luxury self-catering holiday apartments can offer you rays of welcome sunshine, within just a few minutes’ drive or tram trip, delivered in a very unique, outdoors way.

That is because, whether you know this or not, Blackpool boasts what is known as the ‘Comedy Carpet’ – a homage to British variety performers and comedians on a massive scale, covering an area the size of a football pitch.

The concrete carpet features 300 slabs, carrying 160,000 individually cut-out letters that deliver one-liners, catchphrases and jokes associated with 850 British comedians and comedy writers, from Morecambe and Wise to Monty Python and from Tommy Cooper to The Two Ronnies.  

Opened by Sir Ken Dodd in 2011, it is a permanent shrine to some of the comic characters who have had Blackpool audiences rolling in the aisles over the many decades in which the resort has been a major staging post on the comedy circuit.

Viewing the development of comedy over the years is as interesting as the displays themselves and you can quite easily pore over the jokes, enjoying the rib-ticklers and secretly smiling at the innuendo and the puns that you encounter, for a good hour or two.

Having lost one of Blackpool’s favourite sons – Bobby Ball – to Covid last year, it would seem fitting to pay homage to those who have lifted our spirits in the past, particularly when this can be done safely, outdoors.  

Whenever we can then show our appreciation to the new generation of comedians, who have stepped up to try to keep us laughing throughout our recent troubles, we should try to do so.  Buying tickets for live performances and shows should become a habit once again, as British theatre and live performance needs our patronage like never before.

Famous comedy names due to perform in Blackpool in 2021, who you could support with a theatre visit, include Julian Clary (April), Jimmy Carr (April), Joe Pasquale in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (May), Ed Byrne (May), Rob Beckett (June), Omid Djalili (July), Frank Skinner (July), Jon Richardson (September), Alan Carr (September) and Jon Bishop (November).

Given that our super-luxurious ‘Terrace’ apartment is actually Room 101 here, it’s a shame that Frank Skinner is performing for one night only at The Grand Theatre.  We’d have given him the ideal base in which to stay for longer, given the name of his popular TV show!If you wish to enjoy some laughter in Blackpool, please just decide which Berkeley Apartment suits you best.

Image: Debu55y/