Q&A with Lucy Lockett, Interior Designer for The Berkeley Apartments

Q. Lucy, tell us your thoughts when you saw the inside of The Berkeley Apartments for the first time:

A. I have always been fascinated by the Art Deco buildings in Blackpool, which often get overlooked as you drive along the front, only really noticing the hustle and bustle at ground level. When Simon and Maggie asked me if I’d like to help them, I jumped at the chance and The Berkeley Apartments didn’t disappoint. Yes, it was tired and a little sad looking, but it had original features, stained glass, curves, and a style that was crying out to be reinvented for the now. Something I get extremely passionate about.

Q. How do you decide what design elements to focus on when you plan a project?

A. I listen very carefully to what the customer wants, how they need to utilise the space and the practicalities of realising their ideas, offering guidance and often elaborating on how we both see it. The result is a great collaboration where everyone involved is happy.

Q. The Berkeley Apartments are all about the Art Deco era. How do you go about sourcing your materials and coming up with ideas for a style such as this?

A. I studied Art Deco as part of my interior design course and had worked on a house in Morecambe some years ago, which was all about retaining the original features; but The Berkeley was of a much grander scale. I decided to check out other Art Deco refurbishments on the internet to collate an idea of how we could keep the 1926 feel but with a contemporary twist to suit modern-day living. The building was already offering us the tools, I just needed to breathe 2020 into it.

Q. How do you decide on the colour scheme for the project?

A. Art Deco is characterised by rich colours, bold geometry and beautiful detail work. Simon and Maggie had definite ideas that the 1908-1935 colour palette should be used in each room as a statement. They chose a range of colours created by the Blackpool arts group, Left Coast, from which to pick the ones reflecting the Art Deco style. Each colour within this colour palette refers to an aspect of Blackpool and consequently each apartment was named after their relevant feature wall. I then coupled these up with fresh, modern whites and strong, dark floors.

Q. How long did The Berkeley Apartments refurbishment project take you to design?

A. It is difficult to say how long it took me as we were still developing the ideas and meeting new challenges as we went along but the initial mood board took around 3 weeks to compile. Once I had the first luxury apartment designed with the approval of Simon and Maggie, the rest followed suit.

Q. What was the most challenging element of The Berkeley Apartments design?

A. The most challenging element was to create a design that was modern, comfortable and practical for commercial use but that also enhanced the Art Deco features of the building and paid respect to that era.

Q. What was your favourite part of The Berkeley Apartments interior design?

A. My favourite part of the design was working with such lovely owners that trusted and allowed me to hopefully create something that people will hopefully enjoy for a long time to come and having the opportunity to revisit studying such a beautiful design period.

Q. What projects are you currently working on?

A.  I am working on several projects, including 3 new builds, a farmhouse and furniture up cycling…. another passion of mine. ☺

Lucy Lockett Interior Designer