Soon to self-cater for you in Blackpool once again!

The Berkeley self-catering apartments is counting down to May 17, when we can finally open our doors again and welcome those guests who wish to enjoy our luxury brand of escapism in Blackpool.

It seems an age since our luxury self-catering apartments were last able to say ‘hello’ to visitors but, as they say, the best things are worth waiting for!  Perfectionists as we are, we have been spending our time adding even more luxury touches to several apartments, ensuring that each and every one exceeds your expectations when you arrive in Blackpool.

We’ve also been attracting attention by being the venue that’s featured in the Blackpool Destination Guide’s competition this year.  There is a chance to win a 4-night stay in our most luxurious and largest apartment, Terrace, or number 101, as it’s also known.  That could be your opportunity to tipple bubbly in the bubbles, as you unwind in its free-standing bath after enjoying watching the sun set over the Irish Sea!

We have very exciting news about something else that’s on the horizon here, which literally has our feet dancing with joy!  Just watch this space!

The months since we last showcased our brand of Blackpool self-catering hospitality have also been spent considering how to help guests get the maximum value out of their stay, whilst keeping safe and seeing some very exceptional things in the local area.  If you haven’t yet downloaded our guide to the sculptures and art that you can see on Blackpool’s Promenade, please do, as it really will open your eyes and help you make sense of what you are seeing as you stroll or drive along.

On that note, please keep your eyes peeled on our website, as we have another guide coming up in the next few days.  Download this one and you will literally be walking in the footsteps of Jedi.  That’s a bit of a clue for you, when it comes to where it will feature, if you do your homework and find out where a 12-part Disney version of the Star Wars story is currently being filmed.  Surely this location has to be somewhere to visit, if you’ve always been a fan of the franchise?  

We hope that you will take the opportunity to enjoy some new-found freedom and book a self-catering stay with us, in the coming months.  This is the year of the Great British Staycation and is there anywhere better to tick off your bucket list than Blackpool?  Regardless of whether you stay two nights or longer, you will get the same friendly service and ‘superstar’ treatment in our apartments, which we are sure will become your refreshingly different Blackpool bolthole, whichever one of our 13 luxury homes from home you choose.